Create Multiple Libraries in Photos with a Keyboard Shortcut

Setting up and using Apple’s new Photos app is easy enough, but one thing you might not notice immediately is the ability to keep multiple libraries on your computer. Cult of Mac points to a keyboard shortcut that makes it easy to swap between libraries. » 4/24/15 2:30pm Friday 2:30pm

Avoid IKEA Stress by Shopping for Extras and Major Purchases Separately

Everyone knows that a trip to IKEA (or any oversized furniture store) is a stress test for a relationship. To avoid breaking up over a heated discussion about rugs, IKEA spokesperson Janice Simonsen suggests dividing your trip into two parts: major purchases and accessories. » 4/24/15 1:30pm Friday 1:30pm

Leanflix Filters Through Streaming Movie Options to Narrow Choices

Picking a movie to watch on Netflix or Amazon can take forever sometimes, but if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, Leanflix lets you sort through various streaming options using a variety of filters. » 4/23/15 12:30pm Thursday 12:30pm

How to Deal with the Most Embarrassing Dating Moments

We all do embarrassing stuff from time to time, but dating brings out something truly special in all of us. From a flagrant faux pas to a furtive fart, here’s how to deal with some of the more embarrassing moments you’ll run into in the early days of dating someone new. » 4/23/15 8:00am Thursday 8:00am

Move Your Apple Photos Library with a Simple Setting Tweak

For better or worse, Apple’s new Photos app sets itself up automatically using your previous settings for iPhoto (if you had it). This can make it a bit confusing to deal with if you need to move things around. Thankfully, How-To Geek shows you how to change the location of the library. » 4/21/15 1:00pm 4/21/15 1:00pm