My biggest issue/problem with this has been with relationship and communication style posts—especially short posts where we link to other articles. It seems like far too often other publications that we'll link to sort by gender. Oftentimes, it's just a sign of bad writing ("woman always talk like this, men should… » 9/17/14 3:12pm Yesterday 3:12pm

Make a Raspberry Pi Model B+ Case from a Manila Folder

Raspberry Pi cases are a dime a dozen, but we all know making your own is usually the best way to go. The recently released Model B+ changes the form factor of the Pi enough that old cases don't work. Thankfully, Imgur user quantumCity shares a B+ case made from a Manila folder. » 9/16/14 1:00pm Yesterday 1:00pm

Use If-Then Statements to Exert Better Self-Control

Self-control is hard to learn. Keeping yourself on task, forming a habit, or even just avoiding certain foods sometimes feels impossible. Over on The New York Times, author Pamela Druckerman suggests using if-then statements to reign things in. » 9/15/14 1:30pm Monday 1:30pm

And it was an easy job at that—this was easier to write than multiple posts, and I liked being able to just concentrate on the stuff I thought was important/the stuff we actually had real info about. Apple Pay is neat! But who the hell knows what it'll be like in the real world/it's only on the iPhone 6 anyway, so… » 9/10/14 2:04pm 9/10/14 2:04pm

Steve Jobs' Best Productivity Tricks

Regardless of how your feel about Apple, Steve Jobs was an incredibly prolific CEO who was more than just the face of the company. Before his death in 2011, he managed to change the face of Apple and provide a unique workplace lauded for its productivity. Let's take a look at just a few of the ways he did it. » 9/10/14 4:00am 9/10/14 4:00am